VIDEO | UFC pays tribute to Mark Hunt after his final fight in the Octagon

Mark Hunt has fought his last fight in the Octagon.

Last weekend, on the main card of UFC Adelaide, “The Super Samoan” gave up a decision to rising prospect in Justin Willis, and provided he sticks to his earlier comments, he’ll fight out the remainder of his career outside the UFC’s Octagon.

“I just wanted to complete my contract, and that’s basically the bottom line,” he told MMAjunkie recently. “I’m happy where I’m at. I’m at peace with everything, and things are good.”

“[I’m] looking at trying to do some other things next year. I want to compete five more times, at least — because I still have the fire inside of me to do it — and go from there. We’ll see what happens.”

With Mark Hunt poised to leave the UFC behind, the promotion has released a short video tribute thanking the legend for his efforts in the PRIDE ring and UFC’s Octagon.

See it below:

“Thank you for everything, [Mark Hunt],” the caption for the video reads.

This video from the UFC is noteworthy for two reasons.

First, it implies that the promotion is not going to attempt to keep Hunt around with a lucrative new contract. They’re willing to let him leave, and will probably not attempt to outbid any of his potential suitors.

Secondly, it represents a momentary peace between two parties that are presently involved in a complicated and high-stakes legal battle.

Though it hasn’t made headlines in some time, Mark Hunt is currently waging war on the promotion, its president Dana White, and its former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. This suit alleges that the UFC and White effectively allowed Lesnar to dope before his 2016 fight with Hunt. The lawsuit is still unfurling at the time of this writing.

Whatever the case, however, this sticky situation did not deter the UFC from paying Hunt his due tribute, which is nice to see.

Where do you think we’ll see Mark Hunt fight out the remainder of his career?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 12/3/2018.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM