VIDEO | New footage of Conor McGregor-Tyron Woodley exchange with audio

Friday morning in New York, the fighter’s of UFC 205 hit the scales for early weigh-ins ahead of their scheduled bouts. While UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor and UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez both weighed-in on point for their lightweight title fight, and UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley & Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson both weighed-in for their welterweight title fight, McGregor and Woodley had a brief but tense moment as they came face to face.

Cameras captured the incident, which showed McGregor eyeing down Woodley as he walked by, which then resulted in a few words being spoken by both men before Woodley walked away. The pair then shifted their beef to Twitter, as Woodley stated that McGregor tried flexing, before quickly realizing it was a “no flex zone” when Woodley said “what’s up”.

Woodley and McGregor cross paths

That prompted McGregor to fire back at the welterweight champ, calling him a “bitch”, and stating that ‘The Chosen One’ wouldn’t do a single thing in person. Woodley responded and told McGregor not to call him a “bitch” again or they would have a problem, which of course resulted in McGregor once again using the term.

Now, Mac Life cameras have released new footage of the pair’s brief interaction, in which you can actually hear what was spoken between the men in the intense moment.

While the odds of the pair colliding inside or outside of the Octagon are relatively slim given that McGregor’s preferred weight is lightweight, and he currently reigns as the featherweight champion, and the odds of Woodley ever dropping below 170 are slim to none, this isn’t the first time the pair have had tense interactions.

After Woodley won the welterweight championship by knocking out Robbie Lawler at UFC 201, McGregor called Woodley a “bum”, which resulted in the welterweight champ firing back with a heated statement. This week, McGregor stated during the UFC 205 press conference that he was looking to claim all the belts on the table, which included Woodley’s welterweight championship.

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With both men set to throw down on Saturday, do you think the stars will ever align for a superfight between the two men?