Conor McGregor goes at “Twitter b***h” Tyron Woodley, champ responds with warning

Conor McGregor

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, and UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor had a bit of a heated moment Friday morning in New York during the UFC 205 early weigh-ins.

Footage of the moment showed Woodley walking past McGregor, who proceeded to eye down the welterweight champ as he passed by. Woodley recognized the situation and appeared to say something to the featherweight champ before walking off.

Woodley and McGregor cross paths

Shortly after the encounter, Woodley responded to a Tweet about the matter on social media, saying:

This prompted McGregor to respond, saying:

Woodley then responded with:

This isn’t the first time there has been an intense encounter between the pair. Earlier this week at the UFC 205 press conference, McGregor stated that he was coming for “all the belts” on the table, which included Woodley’s welterweight championship. The statement didn’t sit too well with Woodley, who once again stated that fighters at 170 have a different level of power than fighters at 155 or 145 do.

UFC welterweight champion

In addition, Woodley had some harsh words for McGregor in the past after McGregor called Woodley a “bum”. The welterweight champ responded by saying:

“You’re fighting in my weight, and you’re not in my weight. You’re fighting a lightweight in welterweight, and you might want to watch that brother. Because, I don’t think you want them problems. I’m not Nate. I’m somebody that’s going to hit you, and you’re gonna wake up the next day thinking about retiring.”