VIDEO | Mike Tyson comments on Conor McGregor’s performance against Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor was not given much of a chance from the majority of the boxing community in the matchup against Floyd Mayweather. Given that Mayweather was regarded by many as the best boxer of his generation and in the talks of all time greats, it was a tall order and the current UFC lightweight champion was more than up for the task.

When all the talk and speculation came to an end as the bell rang to end the first round of the multi-million dollar boxing match, McGregor showed that he could box. The UFC lightweight champion connected with a few clean shots on Mayweather in their fight, which many other world champion boxers had a hard time doing.

Former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson said prior to the fight, “McGregor is going to get killed boxing!” Tyson was upset that the fight was under the Queensberry rules of boxing and didn’t allow McGregor to use his entire skill set as a mixed martial artist.

Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor

Although Mayweather stopped McGregor in the 10th round of their fight, “The Notorious” was far from killed in the ring and was not knocked unconscious. “The Notorious” was even smiling and speaking with Floyd in the ring after the fight was called to an end.

Following the exciting fight, Tyson was asked by TMZ if he respected McGregor’s boxing skills. Tyson replied, “Yeah, I respect him.”

TMZ asked if his respect grew for Conor after watching the fight and “Iron” Mike adamantly replied, “Yes.”

Tyson also spoke on the Luke Thomas Show and praised McGregor for his performance.

Do you think Conor McGregor won the respect from the majority of his doubters in the boxing community with his performance against Floyd Mayweather? Let’s discuss this in the comment section!

This article first appeared on on 8/30/2017.

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