VIDEO | Mark Hunt is still pissed: ‘F— the UFC!’

Mark Hunt is still livid about Brock Lesnar’s Anti-Doping Policy violation.

Hunt and Lesnar fought at UFC 200 where Lesnar was able to beat Hunt by unanimous decision on July 9. On July 15, news broke that Lesnar was flagged for a potential anti-doping violation.

Since the news of Lesnar’s two failed drug tests came out, Hunt has been very outspoken on the matter as Lesnar is the third opponent that Hunt has faced in the UFC that has tested positive for banned substances.

Hunt appeared on Monday’s episode of “The MMA Hour” and was cool and calm at the start of the interview (at 3:20:10 of the video), but as Hunt got more into talking about the situation with Lesnar, it obviously angered “The Super Samoan.”

“These guys [the UFC] need to do something about it,” Hunt explained. “I think they’ve got enough money, they’ve made enough money off everyone’s f—ing blood. Let’s do something about this sh-t.

“I’m sick of sitting here being part of a company that does that, that just lets that happen you know? F–k that, you do something about it. You’ve got enough financial gain from it. Do something about it.”

Hunt added that many people are trying to tell him to get over it but says that he was the one that fought Lesnar in the Octagon, not anyone trying to give him advice on the matter.

“The worst thing about it is the flack from all the nut hugging scumbag steroid using monkeys that are saying to get over it. I don’t want to get over it. Why would I want to get over it so that if the next guy I fight I get maimed or injured? Are you gonna look after my family? No. Well then, you get over it.”

Hunt says that in a perfect world, he would like the UFC to punish Brock Lesnar for cheating. Hunt said that Lesnar should be sued and fined for cheating in their UFC 200 fight and wants to see Lesnar put in criminal court.

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