VIDEO | Ken Shamrock says Kimbo Slice never got the respect he deserved

The news of Kevin Ferguson’s death caught everyone off guard.

Ferguson, better known as Kimbo Slice was just 42-years-old and had a scheduled Bellator MMA bout with James Thompson set for July.

Ferguson’s past Bellator MMA opponent Ken Shamrock spoke with TMZ on the untimely death of the brawling Interset sensation turned MMA star.

Shamrock had an interesting point of view on Ferguson’s death, mentioning the negativity surrounding Ferguson throughout his career in MMA surely had a big effect on the star.

While the Medical Examiner ruled that no autopsy was needed to be performed in the death of Ferguson, the Orlando Sentinel reported that the cause of death was heart failure.

In addition to Shamrock reflecting on the loss of Kevin Ferguson, the MMA community reacted in different ways, ultimately portraying the positivity and good nature of the sensation known as Kimbo Slice.

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