VIDEO | Joe Rogan and bodybuilder C.T. Fletcher address their Twitter ‘beef’ face-to-face

Last year many people caught wind of what seemed to be a Twitter beef between UFC commentator Joe Rogan and bodybuilder C.T. Fletcher.

Rogan was talking about how the physique of Tyron Woodley could be detrimental in a five-round title fight against Robbie Lawler saying that all the muscle “The Chosen One” carries around could lead to him getting gassed out in the championship rounds of the fight.

Fletcher took to Twitter to bark at Rogan and Rogan responded with a bit of a sarcastic reply and addressed that they had a “misunderstanding.”

Come a little over a year since the Twitter interaction, Fletcher appeared as a guest on Rogan’s popular podcast and the two talked about their Twitter history with one another.

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“Well people thought that we were really upset at each other but the debate was, and this is a constant debate in MMA, whether big muscles enhance you or hurt you,” said Rogan. “And my take on it is they do both. My take on it is the bigger the muscle the more power you have and I think Tryon is a perfect example of a guy who has figured out how to use them perfectly. Like what he does is conserves his energy and when he sprints, you can’t stop him. So when he’s in the cage and he has these moments of explosion, the amount of horsepower that he can generate in a short period of time is just above and beyond anybody else in the division. But, he can’t operate at the same pace constantly like some of the guys can. Some of the guys that are carrying around less muscle and less mass, they have less oxygen requirements. They can go longer but they just can’t generate the same kind of power.”

While Rogan explained the debate, Fletcher made it a point to explain the situation and give his reasoning for his Twitter “attack” on Rogan.

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“Now, for all the people that said I would never be able to sit down across a table from Joe Rogan, I want to take a special moment to say f**k y’all right now,” said Fletcher. “I’m here and I attacked Joe Rogan on the Internet. I attacked him and I want to, I got the opportunity to explain to you. It’s true. I did attack Joe Rogan on it and I want, I have the opportunity to explain to you why exactly I did that and I want to do that because I don’t want you to think I’m just an a**hole.”

While Rogan replied that he didn’t take any offense to Fletcher’s aggressive tweet, the bodybuilder stated that it was basically just to get the attention of Rogan. Fletcher said that he got Rogan to finally talk to him as Joe stated that he runs his Twitter account entirely on his own with millions of followers and people reaching out to him daily. Fletcher admitted that with his one tweet fired at Rogan, he was able to get a reply, which had been a tough task for him even with some friends in the MMA world trying to link the two of them together.

This article first appeared on on 11/29/2017.

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