VIDEO | Guy gets knocked out in ‘Game of Thrones’ type match in M-1 Medieval Knight fighting

By Russell Ess - November 1, 2016

game of thrones mma

Ever wish you could step into a ring or cage with a bit of armor on to reduce some of the damage?

Here is your chance! However, in M-1 Medieval Knight fighting you may also get hit with a sword and bashed repeatedly on your head by your opponent’s shield.

game of thrones mma

If you aren’t familiar with the Russian M-1 promotion, Fedor Emelianenko has fought for them and the promotion even struck deals with Strikeforce and did events such as Strikeforce / M-1 Global – Fedor vs. Werdum and Strikeforce / M-1 Global – Fedor vs. Henderson.

Here’s a look at M-1’s new endeavor, M-1 Medieval Knight fighting, where athletes get into a ring fully armored with a sword and shield and go to battle. The M-1 Medieval Knight fighting Facebook page says, “M-1 Medieval – is full-combat tournament between armored knights. You can watch all our events online! This is “Game of Thrones” in real life!”

game of thrones mma fight

Now This also did a short video description of how the new sport came together.

Knight fighting is a vicious sport and is “basically a medieval version of MMA,” according to the video. The video also says the athletes fighting in the ring use blunted 5 lb swords to hit one another and wear over 40 lbs of armor. It also states that the medieval matches originally started as an entertainment match between Russian MMA fights but the President of M-1 Global realized the potential and interest there was in what they were doing with the new medieval matches. Now there is an official league for medieval fighters.

What are your thoughts on the fighting knights and this insane video of what they claim has been, “the hardest KO at M-1 Medieval”? Be sure to share this with some of your friends that can’t get enough “Game of Thrones” action!


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