VIDEO | Chael Sonnen explains why Conor McGregor messed with the wrong official during Bellator incident

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor brought some of his “Notorious” publicity to Bellator on Friday during the Bellator 187 event that took place in Dublin, Ireland.

McGregor’s teammate Charlie Ward knocked out opponent John Redmond at the last seconds of round one and “The Notorious” scaled the cage and jumped in to celebrate Ward’s win. Marc Goddard, who already had some history with McGregor was the referee for the Ward vs. Redmond bout had a word with McGregor who then erupted and shoved and yelled at Goddard in the cage. McGregor was also seen slapping another official while sitting on top of the cage as the official tried to get him off.

Conor McGregor Marc Goddard

Chael Sonnen went on record to explain the incident and that McGregor could be facing some suspension terms for his actions in the Bellator cage.

“Who do you think was regulating the Bellator show in Ireland? Mike Mazzulli,” Sonnen explained. “The President of the ABC. If there is any executive director I would advise you to not piss off, it’s Mike Mazzulli.

“Being the President of the ABC, he doesn’t adopt rules that he doesn’t like. The whole reason he got elected is because he’s a rule guy. The whole reason the that the fellow executive directors said, ‘You’re the guy we want representing us’ is because he enforces the rules.”

Conor McGregor

Sonnen goes on to explain that the minimum suspension McGregor is facing would be three months. However, for Mazzulli to be able to suspend McGregor, “The Notorious” has to be licensed as a cornerman or fighter. Sonnen mentioned that he believed McGregor has never fought in Ireland so he would not be licensed there. Contrary to Sonnen’s beliefs, McGregor last fought in Ireland in 2014 where he beat Diego Brandao at UFC Fight Night 46.

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This article first appeared on on 11/13/2017.

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