Report: Valerie Letourneau working with Reebok to address wardrobe malfunction

By Russell Ess - June 29, 2016

Valerie Letourneau experienced some wardrobe malfunctions in her last fight with Joanne Calderwood that may or may not have been a factor in her TKO loss at UFC Fight Night 89.

Letourneau said her odd reactions to being hit in the chest by Calderwood were because she was experiencing wardrobe malfunctions with her Reebok uniform.

She put it in simple terms in a Facebook post explaining her situation for the guys who may have written off her excuse.

“Guys, would you be able to keep fighting without being distracted if one of your nuts was slipping out of your shorts?”

Apparently, Reebok is listening and had Letourneau go out to their headquarters to try and address the problems with their uniforms, according to a tweet from Ariel Helwani that said, “Valérie Letourneau is at Reebok HQ in Boston today to go over gear. Reebok reached out after the issues she experienced in the JoJo fight.”

Will Reebok be able to create better uniforms by working directly with the athletes? Or will more blunders continue with the exclusive uniform partner of the UFC? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


Valerie Letourneau