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Frank Shamrock

In our newest segment “Top 5 Knockouts” we take a look back at some of the most brutal finishes that have occurred during numbered UFC events.

In this second edition of “Top 5 Knockouts”, we reflect back on UFC events 11 – 20, which occurred between the years of 1996 to 1999.

During that stretch the Ultimate Fighting Championship produced numerous knockout victories, but the following five KO’s stood out amongst the rest.

UFC 11.5 (Ultimate Ultimate 1996): Tank Abbott KO’s Steve Nelmark in 63 seconds

Tank Abbott squared off with Steve Nelmark at ‘Ultimate Ultimate 1996’ and the result was one of the most brutal knockouts in Ultimate Fighting Championship history. Abbott landed a number of big shots before seemingly throwing his opponent against the cage in a state of unconsciousness.

UFC 15: Mark Kerr KO’s Greg Scott in 26 seconds

Mark Kerr squared off with Greg Scott in a heavyweight bout at UFC 15 in October of 2017. ‘The Smashing Machine’ needed a mere 17-seconds to dispose of his opponent, sending Scott crashing to the canvas after delivering a thunderous knee. Kerr would later go on to win the heavyweight tournament final, this by submitting Dwayne Cason that same evening.

UFC 16: Frank Shamrock KO’s Igor Zinoviev in 22 seconds

Frank Shamrock put his UFC championship on the line against Igor Zinoviev in the main event of UFC 16 in Kenner, Louisiana on March 13, 1998. The bout was billed to be the toughest test of Shamrock’s career, but that did not prove to be the case. Shamrock would need only 22 seconds to put away Zinoviev after delivering a spectacular KO slam. The fight would end up being the final of Igor’s career.

UFC 17: Pete Williams KO’s Mark Coleman at 12:38

‘UFC 17: Redemption’ marked Mark Coleman’s return to the Octagon after losing his heavyweight title to Maurice Smith at UFC 14. ‘The Hammer’ was initially slated to face Randy Couture at the event, but ‘The Natural‘ was forced to withdraw last minute due to a injury. Lion’s Den fighter Pete Williams would step in on short-notice to fight Coleman at the Alabama-based event. After a solid start to the fight, Coleman would become visibly fatigued near the ten minute mark. Shortly thereafter, Williams would connect with a sensational head kick which sent ‘The Hammer’ crashing to the canvas in a state of unconsciousness.

UFC 20: Wanderlei Silva KO’s Tony Petarra at 2:53

After losing his promotional debut against Vitor Belfort at UFC Brazil, Wanderlei Silva entered his bout with Tony Petarra at UFC 20 looking to making a statement. ‘The Axe Murderer’ would do just that, scoring a sensational first round knockout victory after landing a pair of brutal knees.

Honorable mentions for ‘Top 5 Knockouts” between UFC 11 – UFC 20 go out to the following:

UFC 10: Mark Coleman TKO’s Don Frye at 11:34

UFC 13: Tito Ortiz TKO’s Wes Albritton in 30 seconds

UFC 13: Vitor Belfort TKO’s Tank Abbott in 52 seconds

UFC 17: Andre Roberts KO’s Harry Moskowitz at 3:00

UFC 17: Tank Abbott KO’s Hugo Duarte in 43 seconds

UFC 18: Bas Rutten KO’s Tsuyoshi Kosaka at 14:15

UFC 20: Pedro Rizzo KO’s Tra Telligman at 4:30

This article first appeared on April 18, 2020

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