Video | Stephen Colbert mocks Joe Rogan for offering to moderate the 2020 Presidential debate

Joe Rogan, Dillon Danis, Jake Paul

Stephen Colbert had a fun time mocking UFC commentator, Joe Rogan for offering to moderate a 2020 Presidental debate.

Ahead of the United States Presidential election in 2020, Rogan mentioned on his podcast he would moderate a debate. It caught the attention of MMA fan and current President, Donald Trump said he would like Rogan moderating a future debate.

For Late Night TV show host, Stephen Colbert didn’t like the idea and openly mocked Joe Rogan.

“Podcast host and ‘cueball being pulled out of a claw machine’ Joe Rogan, hell yeah!” Colbert said on The Late Show (via MMA Mania). “It is about damn time that we had a debate moderated by the former host of Fear Factor. ‘Gentlemen, you’ve got three minutes to outline your plan for comprehensive infrastructure reform while you eat donkey testicles. Go!’ Don’t get your hopes up, Rogan. Trump has a long record of not meaning it when he says, ‘I do.’”

Stephen Colbert then had his own idea of how a debate should go if Joe Rogan ends up moderating one.

“I’m talking one stage, one podium, on wheels, zips back and forth, two competitors, two shields, one man has a sword, the other one has a net and a trident, one hungry lion, in a colosseum, each man will get 30 minutes to make one meal from the ingredients found in our mystery basket!”

Currently, it is all talk that Joe Rogan would moderate a debate. He is open to the idea, but at this point, it is unlikely he will as they generally have news anchors or more political people moderate a debate.

Yet, Rogan does not commentate any UFC events outside of North America, and with the promotion heading to Fight Island for October, he does have some time on his hands.

Do you think we will see Joe Rogan moderate a Presidental debate?

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