Video | Montserrat Conejo denies spitting on Cheyanne Buys following fight at UFC Vegas 22


UFC women’s strawweight Montserrat Conejo denied spitting on Cheyanne Buys following their main card fight at Saturday night’s UFC Vegas 22.

Conejo was one of the biggest underdogs on the card, coming in on short notice for the injured Kay Hansen, but she pulled off a big upset by using her grappling to score a unanimous decision. Buys was not able to stop the fight from entering the clinch and every time it did, Conejo was able to get her to the ground with a head-and-arm throw and she kept Buys in a headlock position for essentially 15 minutes. It was a great win for Conejo in her UFC debut, but the victory was partly marred in controversy by what happened after.

Immediately after the final bell rang, you could see Buys and Conejo get into an argument inside the Octagon, with Buys telling Conejo, “I’ll follow you home, b*tch.” According to Buys, she alleges she was spit on and that’s why she retaliated. She posted a video and statement on her Instagram about the alleged incident. See for yourself what happened.

Cheyanne Buys: To all my friends and family I just want to say I am sorry for losing my cool after the fight. I have never in my life been spit on by a opponent that I gave nothing but respect too. . . I will live to fight another day. Thank you guys for all support. I’ll be back.

Following UFC Vegas 22, Conejo was asked by reporters at the post-fight press conference if she actually did spit on Buys. The Mexican-based fighter denied she ever spat on Buys.

“No, I didn’t spit on her at all. Probably, it was the momentum. I’m not the kind of person that likes to spit. If you spit on someone, that’s crossing the line. And that wasn’t something I was thinking of doing in my debut,” Conejo said (via

“Everything got started when she insulted my wrestling and my takedowns. She said that I have stupid headlocks and stupid takedowns. And she said that she used to know me. So I proved to her that she didn’t know me. I gave her a little hell so she can taste it. “I’m not the kind of person that likes to insult other people. I’m a humble girl. But if you touch the wrong buttons, you’re gonna have issues with me.”

What do you make of the video of the alleged incident between Montserrat Conejo and Cheyanne Buys at UFC Vegas 22?

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