UFC star Nate Diaz responds to Dana White’s remarks about fighting “young savages”


Nate Diaz has responded after Dana White suggested he has to ask himself if he wants to fight the young savages in the UFC.

Diaz (20-13 MMA) was last seen in action at June’s UFC 263 event, where despite mounting a late comeback, he ultimately suffered a unanimous decision loss to Leon Edwards. The setback marked Nate’s second in a row and put him on the final fight of his current contract with the UFC.

Dana White addressed the future of Nate Diaz during last weekend’s UFC Vegas 41 post-fight press conference, where he confirmed the ‘Stockton Slugger’ has just one fight left on his current deal.

“Yeah, he’s got one more fight. We are working on a fight for him. Tony (Ferguson) wasn’t one of the guys we were working on, but we are working on a fight for Nate now. He’s got one fight left.”

Nate Diaz, Dana White

After attempting to lure Nate Diaz back with some cryptic messages during an interview with TSN earlier in the week, Dana White continued to taunt the ‘Stockton Slugger’ while speaking with the MacLife in Abu Dhabi on Friday.

“I don’t know. Listen, Nate (Diaz) makes a lot of money. Nate isn’t some guy that doesn’t make a lot of money, like the rest of the guys around here. For Nate, it’s going to be about, you get to this point in your career and you get to a certain age where you have to be honest with yourself. ‘Can I stick around here? Do I want to sign a four-fight, six-fight, eight-fight deal to mix it up with these young, baddest dudes in the world?’ It’s a question that all these guys eventually have to ask themselves. Listen, he makes a lot of money here, he’ll make a lot of money fighting somewhere else too. Do you want to stay and fight these savages?” Dana White said.

Nate Diaz has obviously been keeping tabs on White’s remarks and proceeded to respond with the following message on Twitter.

“I’m fighting top 4 minimum Don’t be dragging me into your guys deals.” – Diaz tweeted.

Do you think Dana White and company will be able to re-sign Nate Diaz to another multi-fight deal?

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