UFC on ESPN+ 1 Results: Joanne Calderwood defeats Ariane Lipski (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - January 19, 2019

A women’s strawweight bout between Joanne Calderwood and Ariane Lipski took place on tonight’s UFC on ESPN+ 1 prelims from Brooklyn.


Joanne Calderwood (12-3 MMA) was last seen in action at August’s UFC event in Lincoln, where she scored a submission victory over Kalindra Faria.

Meanwhile, Ariane Lipski (11-3 MMA) enters tonight’s contest on a nine-fight win streak, her latest being a decision win over Silvana Gomez Jaurez.

Round one begins and Calderwood comes forward with a low kick. Lipski responds with a flurry of punches, a number of which connects. “JoJo” forces the clinch and the ladies battle against the cage. Calderwood with a nice punch to the body. She follows that up with a knee and then a right hand over the top. Lipski breaks free and lands a right hand. Calderwood shoots in and scores a takedown. She immediately passes to half guard and drops a big elbow to the face of Ariane. Calderwood with a right hand. Lipski scrambles but gives up her back. Joanne locks in one hook. She moves for a rear-naked choke. Lipski escapes but continues to eat shots from Calderwood. “JoJo” with some elbows now. She switches to punches and then looks for an arm-triangle choke. Lipski defends well and escapes. Nonetheless Calderwood is still all over her. She takes Ariane’s back and once again attempts a rear-naked choke. The submission is not there so she switches to punches. Thirty-seconds remain in round one. Calderwood transitions to an armbar attempt. Lipski is defending well and the horn sounds to end Round 1.

Round two begins and Ariane Lipski charges forward with a combination. Joanne circles out and then comes forward with a spinning attack. That strike misses the mark and Lipski counters with a punch followed by a kick to the body. Calderwood misses with a jab and eats a kick to the body. Lipski with a nice right hand. Joanne with a front kick followed by a straight right up the middle. The ladies trade shots in the pocket. Calderwood circles out and lands a jab. A left hook lands for Joanne. Lipski responds with a right hand. Calderwood returns fire with one of her own. “JoJo” with a beautiful left hook. She follows that up with a front kick that partially connects. Lipski with a low kick but Joanne counters nicely with a crisp right. Calderwood clinches up and presses Lipski against the cage. Thirty seconds remain. Lipski looks tired. The horn sounds to end Round 2.

Round three begins and Joanne Calderwood is likely ahead two rounds to none. She lands a low kick and then a follow up kick to the body is blocked by Lipski. Calderwood with a nice straight right hand up the middle. Lipski responds with a combination. Both women appear happy to stand and trade to start round three. Lipski with a right hand and then another. Calderwood ducks a punch and lands a right hand over the top. Joanne with a nice kick to the body. She lands another and then a right hand. Calderwood with a pair of low kicks followed by a right hand. Calderwood with a spinning back elbow that partially connects. Lipski clinches up and scores a takedown. She moves immediately to side control and begins working some ground and pound. Calderwood scrambles back to full guard. Lipski with a nice shot to the body. Joanne with some elbows from off of her back. Calderwood looks for an armbar. She transitions to secure the hold. Lipski is defending but is in some trouble. Calderwood cranks but Lipski keeps pressure off her arm. Calderwood continues to search for the finish. Lipski needs to escape and get back to her feet. She most certainly needs a finish here. Back to full guard now and Calderwood throws up another armbar submission attempt but the horn sounds to end round three.

Joanne Calderwood def. Ariane Lipski via decision (30-26 x2, 30-27)


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