UFC heavyweight champ Stipe Miocic pulls rank on Jon Jones: “If anything I would get the Brock Lesnar fight first”

Stipe Miocic

UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic believes that it should be him fighting Brock Lesnar in his return to the Octagon, not Jon Jones.

Rumors have been circulating as of late that Lesnar may make a comeback to mixed martial arts after he recently became a free agent following the expiration of his contract with the WWE. Immediately Jones, who plans on moving up to heavyweight for his next outing, took to social media to announce that he would like to fight Lesnar next in a fight that UFC president Dana White says would mark a “good introduction” for Jones into the UFC heavyweight division.

However, Miocic isn’t having any of that. Speaking to Michael Bisping on the “Believe You Me” podcast, Miocic said that if anyone should get first dibs at Lesnar, it’s him, the champ.

“A hundred percent I think (I should get Lesnar first). Listen, I just think about it more and more. I do think 100 percent if anything I would get the Brock Lesnar fight first or be asked first. I didn’t know (Jones) called the shots. I didn’t know that,” Miocic said (via Alexander K. Lee of MMAFighting.com).

Miocic does have a point here. Since he’s the UFC heavyweight champion, not Jones, it should be him calling the shots, right? Although Miocic is currently slated to rematch No. 1 contender Francis Ngannou in his next outing, there is no doubt a Lesnar fight would do bigger numbers of pay-per-view and Miocic is well aware of that. Although Jones is the one who has been most vocal about potentially fighting Lesnar if he does come back to the UFC, you can’t count Miocic out of getting this fight should he pull rank on Jones here.

Would you be interested in watching Stipe Miocic vs. Brock Lesnar or should Jon Jones get the fight?

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