Trainer recounts the time Nick Diaz allegedly tried to jump Johny Hendricks in parking lot

By Tom Taylor - March 25, 2020

For many years, Mike Dolce served as the nutritionist for UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks. Speaking on a video posted on his YouTube channel on Wednesday morning, Dolce recounted one of the wilder moments of his work with Hendricks: nearly getting jumped by Nick Diaz and his entourage in a parking lot outside a UFC event.

Nick Diaz, CM Punk

Dolce explained that this incident occurred around the weigh-ins for Hendricks’ first fight with Robbie Lawler. Hendricks initially missed weight for the fight by less than a pound, and was infamously taunted by Diaz while he was on the scale—but that’s apparently not where the trouble ended.

After missing his mark, Hendricks and his team moved to a facility across the street to shed the remaining weight. In the parking lot outside, he and his team were allegedly nearly jumped by Diaz and his entourage, who were apparently looking for a fight.

Here’s how Dolce tells it:

“When he steps on the scale, who’s front and center? Nick Diaz,” Dolce began. “Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz are sitting front and center. Nick Diaz is heckling Johny on the scale, talking shit to Johny while Johny’s trying to weigh in. Insane. So Johny is a little bit over, they announce he’s a half a pound over, he gets off the scale, he walks over, he does the little face-off with Robbie, it’s no big deal. We get off, everyone wants to do media and I say guys, leave us alone. We have work to do. We’re still working right now, please leave us alone. We’ll be back in an hour to make weight, then you can talk and ask any question you want.

“We grab his gear, we go outside,” Dolce continued. “As we’re walking through the parking lot, Dana White’s personal body guard comes running over, and he’s f**king massive. Like an NFL linebacker, like 6’6”, 300 pounds, ripped, in shape, yolked, big f**king Hawaiian dude. He’s like ‘Dolce, Dolce, you can’t go man, you’ve got to be careful! Nick Diaz is looking for Johny, he wants to fight him!’ I was like ‘what? What are you talking about?’

“He’s like ‘he’s looking for him in the parking lot, right now, he wants to fight Johny Hendricks right now in the parking lot!’ I was like ‘are you f**king kidding me?’ Then all of the sudden we hear people screaming like ‘there he is!’ All of the sudden like a riot breaks out in the parking lot. Johny is all geared up, we’re all geared up. We’re going to finish cutting half a pound of f**king weight, and we’re like ‘oh fuck, Nick Diaz and all the 209 boys are about to jump us in the f**king parking lot — like during the f**king UFC weigh-ins. So we snatch up all our gear and we’re like we gotta get the f**k out of here before these boys figure out it’s us. So we’re like running with our gym bags and our gear, running through the parking lot, run across the street, get to the place we’re going.

“We’re like ‘that was f**king crazy.'”

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This article first appeared on on 3/25/2020.

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