Jose Aldo training with his wife at home for Henry Cejudo fight due to gym closure

Jose Aldo
Image: Jose Aldo Junior on Facebook

Jose Aldo is training at home with his wife for his upcoming title fight against Henry Cejudo at UFC 250 due to his gym Nova Uniao being closed.

Nova Uniao leader Andre Pederneiras was forced to close the gym due to the coronavirus pandemic. Aldo had been training at his long-time gym up until last week, but due to the severity of the coronavirus outbreak, Pederneiras had to shut the doors to the gym. That leaves Aldo without his training camp for his scheduled bantamweight title fight against Cejudo at UFC 250 in May. As of right now, the Sao Paulo card is still a go.

Pederneiras said that, with the gym closed, Aldo — along with his teammate, women’s bantamweight Ketlen Vieira, who is also set to fight at UFC 250 — are doing what they can to stay fight ready. For Aldo, that includes staying at home and training with his wife.

“They were doing something (at the gym until last week), even against their will because they think that there is no event due to this situation, but there is a contract going on. It was decided that they would not leave the house anymore. Ketlen is training with (wife) Giu at home. Aldo is trying to get him to hit a bag at home, jump rope, and train with his wife. Everyone is at home trying to stay the way they can, but at home. Is it ideal? It is not, but today it is necessary for the world,” Pederneiras told Combate.

Of course, these are less than ideal training grounds for Aldo as he prepares for his opportunity to win the UFC bantamweight belt from Cejudo. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and if Aldo’s wife is his only training partner at the moment, it’s certainly better than nothing. But it also makes you wonder just how prepared he and the other fighters will be if UFC 250 goes on as scheduled and they can’t train normally.

Who do you think wins, Jose Aldo or Henry Cejudo?

This article first appeared on on 3/25/2020.

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