Tony Ferguson trashes “b**ches” Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier

Tony Ferguson, UFC 249

Tony Ferguson has some choice words for his fellow top-5 UFC lightweight contenders Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor.

Ferguson was briefly expected to take on Poirier in the main event of this Saturday’s UFC 254 card. However, that plan ultimately fell through. Since then, Poirier has shifted his attention to a fight with McGregor, which is ostensibly in the works for a fight card on January 23.

Ahead of this fight, McGregor and Poirier have discussed the idea of raising some money for Dustin Poirier’s The Good Fight Foundation. Poirier has stated he’ll use the funds raised to open a martial arts academy for underprivileged youth.

Ferguson, however, is not pleased to have been snubbed by Poirier and McGregor.

“They’re both b*tches,” Ferguson told MMA Fighting. “They want to play their f**king grab ass game and go play boxing. We don’t play MMA. This is completely different. You guys don’t want to play this kind of ball league.

“You want to take Conor’s f**king bribe money to go an open up your academy while you should be saving your money, paying it, donating your time and all this other stuff. You should have had your academy already. You’ve been fighting for years. That’s some bullsh*t excuse to not want to fight.

From here, it looks like Tony Ferguson could be matched up with former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler in a No. 1 contender bout. While he’s admitted that fight isn’t his first choice, it sounds like he’s willing to take it.

“I make sh*t happen for this company,” Ferguson said. “When sh*t needs to be done and nobody else is f**king around. You’ve got Conor running with his f**king tail between his legs and you’ve got Khabib doing the same sh*t looking for candy. Who’s there? Who are they going to count on? A f**king beaner Mexican from Michigan with the last name Ferguson that’s better than f**king anybody at sports because I got hated on and I used all that energy to f**king make a positive. So if people want to bag on that sh*t and they want to say all this sh*t, they don’t know the background.

“Being real I’m just wanting to kick some ass and chew some bubble gum.”

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