Team Zhang responds to “better dead than red” comments from Rose Namajunas

UFC 261-Zhang-Weili
PhotoCred: South China Morning Post / UFC

The team of UFC women’s strawweight champion Weili Zhang responded to the recent “better dead than red” comments from Rose Namajunas.

Namajunas’ recent comments led to a lot of media coverage after a clip of her talking about communism. As part of the comments, Namajunas took a shot at Zhang. The two meet next weekend at UFC 261 for the UFC women’s strawweight title currently held by Zhang. Ahead of the fight, Zhang’s strength and conditioning coach, Ruben Yana Jr., spoke to SCMP MMA and he responded to the recent comments that Namajunas made.

“To be honest with you we haven’t been paying attention. It’s been like watching it but not feeling it,” Namajunas said. “This is the soap opera that’s happening but [we’re] not really engaging in it because we’re just so focused on the fight.

“It hasn’t even been a topic of the team. I wish there was something more that I could say but it’s non-emotional. There’s really nothing to say if you’re not really emotionally attached to it.”

Payan said that Team Zhang isn’t personally concerned about the comments, but he can sense a strange feeling among the fans who were upset by what Namajunas said. Payan and Zhang are just focused on her preparation right now, but he did criticize Namajunas for not being entirely accurate with her comments, as far as Team Zhang is concerned.

“You’re just kind of watching things happen and you’re watching people talk about it. And you see people get upset about it. And you see the comments but you’re not involved in it. That’s kind of how it feels,” Payan said.

“Even though some of the comments are directed towards [Zhang], there’s so much non-truths to it that it’s like we’re not even going to pay attention to it. That’s kind of how we feel.”

How excited are you for Weili Zhang and Rose Namajunas to throw down at UFC 261?

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