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Sean O’Malley reacts after Jon Jones gets arrested in Las Vegas: “You can’t beat on your boo”

UFC bantamweight Sean O’Malley reacted after Jon Jones got arrested in Las Vegas, saying that “you can’t beat on your boo.”

Jones was arrested two weeks ago in Las Vegas, just hours after his 2013 classic with Alexander Gustafsson was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. Jones was arrested on charges of domestic battery after an incident with his fiancee, Jessie Moses, as well as damaging a police car. Since the arrest happened, the reaction towards Jones has generally been negative, as this is far from the first time that he has gotten in trouble with the law.

Speaking on the recent BroMalley Show, O’Malley shared his thoughts on what happened with Jones. In the comments, “Suga” condemned Jones for allegedly getting physical with his partner. At the same time, O’Malley also believes that Jones needs to get some help. He’s not convinced he’s a bad person despite this incident and just hopes he gets help.

“Speaking of looking good and steps ahead and just dominant. Jon Jones is 1-0 this year, that’s f***** up… it sucks. I don’t feel like I’m in a position to even judge. I don’t know what’s going on in his mind or I don’t know what’s going on in his life. Like obviously he shouldn’t have done that. Obviously that’s f***** up, obviously he knows that. Dude when you’re drunk, it’s not your true self. You’re f****** drunk dude… like dude, who knows what he’s dealing with? Not okay, 100%. Should definitely get punished for it. I don’t know if he’s necessarily a piece of s*** bad guy. He needs help dude… you can’t beat on your boo,” O’Malley said (via SportsKeeda).

Do you agree with the reaction that Sean O’Malley had towards Jon Jones following his recent arrest in Las Vegas following the Hall of Fame ceremony?

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