Ronda Rousey picked up pro wrestling “quicker than anybody in the history of the sport,” says Kurt Angle

Ronda Rousey

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle says Ronda Rousey picked up pro wrestling faster than anybody in the history of the sport.

Rousey entered the combat sports limelight as a mixed martial artist, ultimately enjoying a lengthy reign as the UFC bantamweight champion. After two tough losses to Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes, however, she transitioned to the WWE ring with much fanfare and excitement.

While she’s currently taking some time away from pro wrestling, Angle says she picked the sport up faster than anybody in history.

“Without a doubt, Ronda picked it up very quickly” Angle said of Rousey on The Kurt Angle Show (via SE Scoops). “But, you know, she was on a crash course. I didn’t have that crash course when I started. When I started with WWE, and went to their training camp? It was only five days a month! So I didn’t have a lot of training before I started.

“Only when I went down to Memphis after about six months and I did a few months down there did I get any type of consistent training” Angle continued. “Ronda was getting it every day, but she really came through. I mean her performance at WrestleMania was incredible. She did a fantastic job and she deserves a lot of credit, she has incredible work ethic.

“I think she wasn’t going to disappoint herself or anyone else” Angle stated. “She was going to make sure she hit a home run at WrestleMania, and she did. She picked it up, I think, quicker than anybody in the history of the sport. I think Ronda picked up the technique, very fast, and she made it her own. Everything she did, her throws and her submissions, they were all real. [It was] Judo, Jiu Jitsu type of stuff, she really made it her own, so she was very artistic in that aspect.”

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