Oscar De La Hoya rips Dana White over Jon Jones salary, says “pay-per-view is dead”

Tito Ortiz, Oscar De La Hoya, Dana White
Image: Golden Boy Promotions on Instagram

Long-time boxing promoter Oscar De La Hoya, who recently dipped his toes into the MMA industry, has caught wind of what the UFC paid Jon Jones for his UFC 232 main event with Alexander Gustafsson, and he’s not impressed.

De La Hoya did not hesitate to share his thoughts with UFC President Dana White on Twitter, reminding the UFC boss of his opinion that “pay-per-view is dead.”

“500k For Jones, Really?!” Oscar De La Hoya wrote in his Tweet to Dana White. “And you say you wanna battle. Wait till the fans realize that PPV is dead.”

Not long thereafter, a fan reminded De La Hoya that his first MMA pay-per-view, which was headlined by a rematch between Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, was a veritable disaster.

Oscar De La Hoya responded by saying that that is why pay-per-view is dead. Whether he means that his card performed poorly because pay-per-view is dead, or that pay-per-view is dead because his card performed poorly, is not clear.

“And that’s why it’s dead you dumb ass!” De La Hoya wrote on Twitter.

This is but the latest skirmish in a lengthy war of words between Oscar De La Hoya and Dana White.

In recent weeks, De La Hoya has gone so far as to challenge White to a fight, while White has responded that he’ll happily “battle” De La Hoya in the business world.

What do you make of these latest comments from De La Hoya?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 1/3/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM