Modestas Bukauskas tells UFC fans to cut Khalil Rountree some slack: “That kick was all good, it was my job to defend it”


Modestas Bukauskas told UFC fans to cut Khalil Rountree some slack, affirming “that kick was all good, it was my job to defend it.”

Rountree landed a brutal oblique kick on Bukauskas in the second round of their light heavyweight bout at UFC Vegas 36 that caused a stop to their fight. It was an absolutely brutal low kick and one of the first instances in MMA where we have seen the oblique kick end a fight. Although UFC legend Jon Jones has utilized the move for his whole career, he was never able to finish a fight with the technique, which makes Rountree’s win even more impressive. However, the highlight-reel stoppage came at a cost as Bukauskas’ leg was badly damaged. While we don’t know the full extent of the damage yet, there is a good chance that something was seriously injured and that he will be out for a while recovering.

While many fans and even fighters are saying that it’s a dirty kick that Rountree landed, Bukauskas himself has come to the defense of his opponent, affirming that is a valid technique. According to Bukasukas, it’s part of the game and he accepts the loss.

“Getting MRI when I get home. Probably ligament damage,” Bukauskas wrote. “And yo please give m opponent some slack, that kick was all good, it was my job to defend and I didn’t. Let the man enjoy his victory.”

While Bukauskas originally suggested that he had broken his leg, it looks like he may have avoided a fracture, but in exchange for ligament damage which is obviously not a good thing. Either way, it appears he is in decent spirits now despite such a brutal TKO loss.

Do you think kicks like the one Khalil Rountree landed on Modestas Bukauskas should be banned, or are they just part of the sport?

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