Modestas Bukauskas provides positive health update following recent knee injury


UFC light heavyweight Modestas Bukauskas provided a positive health update following the recent knee injury he suffered inside the Octagon.

Bukauskas was the victim of one of the most brutal side kicks that we have ever seen in MMA after Khalil Rountree Jr. finished him with an oblique kick. It was initially feared that Bukauskas could have broken his leg, but ultimately it was determined that it was a knee injury. Still, it was a tough thing to watch, and for Bukauskas, he know that he will now be on the sidelines for at least several months recovering from the devastating injury. However, he is optimistic that he will be able to return and make a spectacular comeback.

Taking to his social media this week, Bukauskas offered a positive health update, just weeks after suffering the horrendous injury when he was kicked in the knee by Rountree.

He’s ok.

Right now the focus is on rest and recovery. I’ll be back though, quicker than most think. Imma show everyone what a real comeback looks like

Bukauskas is 1-3 overall in the UFC, so it’s quite possible that he doesn’t get another chance to show what he has inside the Octagon, at least not now. The UFC typically signs fighters to four-fight contracts, so there is a good chance that Bukauskas’ deal is up. Of course, the UFC could re-sign him to a new deal, and the promotion may choose to do so. Despite losing his last three fights in a row, Bukauskas has shown a ton of heart during his time in the Octagon and he feels like someone who could still win a few fights. So hopefully the UFC gives him another shot to make good if this was indeed the final fight on his deal.

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