Mike Tyson reveals he smoked a joint prior to his exhibition bout with Roy Jones Jr.

By Adam D Martin - November 29, 2020

Boxing legend Mike Tyson admitted that he smoked a joint prior to his exhibition bout against Roy Jones Jr. on Saturday night in Los Angeles.

Mike Tyson

Tyson and Jones Jr. put on an entertaining, eight-round exhibition match for the fans. At the end of the 16 scheduled minutes of fighting, the fight went to three remote judges who scored the bout as a draw. Many watching felt that Tyson had done enough to get his hand raised, but ultimately it was judged to be a draw. Considering Tyson is 54 and Jones Jr. is 51, it was pretty impressive that both men were able to go the full eight rounds they were scheduled for with no one getting seriously hurt.

Following the boxing event at Staples Center, Tyson spoke to reporters and admitted that prior to the match, he had smoked a joint. As part of the rules for both men to agree to this fight, they were tested by VADA. However, marijuana was not part of what was tested for, so Tyson was free to smoke as much as he wanted. The fact that the fight was an exhibition bout and not a professional contest was even more incentive for Tyson to light up a joint before getting into the ring, and he did just that.

Mike Tyson says he “absolutely” smoked a joint before his bout with Roy Jones Jr.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who follows Tyson and knows how much love he has for marijuana. He, of course, is the owner and operator of the Tyson Ranch and has said in the past that he smokes up to $40,000 of his weed a month. Should Tyson take another exhibition match, look for him to get another opponent to agree to a drug-testing stipulation where weed is omitted from being tested for.

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