Mike Perry on scrap with Geoff Neal: ‘I’m expecting the hospital’

Mike Perry

UFC welterweight star Mike Perry knows he’s fighting on a stacked card this weekend at UFC 245, but there’s one fight he’s zeroing in on as “Fight of the Night.”

Hint: it’s his own.

Perry takes on Geoff Neal in an exciting welterweight bout on the evening’s preliminary card. Many fans and media members have singled this fight out as a potential FOTN candidate even though UFC 245 is arguably the most stacked card of the year from top to bottom and one that features three title fights on it.

But considering the violence Perry and Neal have shown in their UFC careers so far, many believe this could be in play for the $50,000 FOTN bonus. Perry agrees with that assessment and spoke about why he thinks this fight is going to be so exciting for the fans ahead of this weekend’s blockbuster event.

Here’s what Perry said about his fight with Neal at UFC 245 in an interview with the UFC.

“There’s a lot of really good fights on this card. But when I tell myself we’re going to steal the show, and I tell myself that there’s a lot of really good fighters and competitors on this card, that means that I gotta amp it up that much more if I want to steal the show. That means that I really gotta just, you know, I just gotta fight. That’s it,” Perry said.

“I gotta tuck my chin and go forward. If I gotta get hit, I gotta get hit. If I gotta bleed, I gotta bleed. If I’m gonna bleed, I’m going to mount and drown him in my own blood then. If my nose wants to pour out then, I should have mounted (Vicente) Luque and let my blood drip all over his face,” Perry continued. “I’m going to make it as nasty as I can so that other guys ain’t gonna want to fight me. They ain’t gonna want me to bleed all over them. And you know, what if I’m bleeding all over you and I’m like, saying names of STDs while I’m like bleeding all over you? Just blood, ugh. I just gotta get nasty. Like I said man, I’m expecting the hospital.

“The afterparty might be in the hospital, but it could be in the hospital as a winner, or as a loser. I need to make sure that, if I’m gonna be in the hospital, I might as well be there as a winner.”

Perry is coming off of a split decision loss to Luque but remains one of the most popular fighters on the UFC roster due to his exciting fights. Neal, meanwhile, isn’t as big of a name, but he’s already 4-0 in the UFC and is quickly climbing up the UFC welterweight ranks. On a stacked card, don’t be surprised if Perry and Neal steal the show.

Do you agree with Mike Perry that his fight against Geoff Neal will be the “Fight of the Night” at UFC 245?

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