Mike Perry issues an apology to absolutely everybody: “I should have been, could have been, a lot better than what I’ve been”

Mike Perry
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UFC welterweight standout Mike Perry (14-8 MMA) took the time to apologize to absolutely everybody on Friday afternoon during an interview with Helen Yee.

Perry, who is coming off back-to-back unanimous decision losses to opponents Tim Means and Daniel Rodriguez, has been on a roller coaster ride over the past few years.

After starting his UFC career 4-2 with all four wins coming by knockout, ‘Platinum’ has since gone just 3-6 over his last nine Octagon appearances. Adding salt to the wound is the fact that Mike Perry has also had trouble outside of the cage over the past couple of years.

Mike Perry, Daniel Rodriguez
Mike Perry, Daniel Rodriguez

After receiving abuse allegations from his former partner Danielle Nickerson, Perry was later caught on tape punching an elderly man outside of a restaurant. That incident was quickly followed by social media posts where ‘Platinum’ warned fight fans not to approach him in public unless they had money to offer.

Thankfully, Mike Perry appears to have toned down in recent months, this after having his first child with his current girlfriend Latory Gonzalez.

The brash welterweight, who is on the last fight of his existing deal with the UFC, recently spoke with MMA journalist Helen Yee where he decided to issue the following apology to absolutely everybody.

“Hey, I guess I would like to take this chance to apologize to absolutely everybody. Because I should have been, could have been, a lot better than what I’ve been. But, I just… You know, you guys assholes a lot of the time so I was just like well I ain’t got nobody to win for except for me, myself, my baby and my girl. And she’s mean to me sometimes too, so then I’m like well watch this – I’m going to go out there and just get punched in the face.”

Mike Perry continued:

“No (seriously), I’ve got to do it for little guy. I do be trying. I just don’t know what happened. This game is weird. I used to just tap people and they would stumble. And now it’s like I can’t even hit somebody. My dad, after my last fight, a week later he called me and was like ‘Mike if you’re going to get hit, f*cking hit them back. What the hell?’. So I am going to take that into consideration for my next training camp. I’m going to let some people take me down, or hit me, or do whatever they got to do and I’m going to make sure that I hit their ass back!”

Who would you like to see Mike Perry fight next in what could be his final bout with the UFC?

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