Michael Chandler believes “there’s going to be a ton of pressure on” Dustin Poirier after passing over title shot

Michael Chandler
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Michael Chandler thinks there will be a ton of pressure on Dustin Poirier in his trilogy fight against Conor McGregor.

After Poirier scored a second-round TKO over McGregor at UFC 257, many assumed he would be fighting for the lightweight title next. Yet, he passed over the title shot to fight McGregor again leaving Chandler to face Charles Oliveira in May.

Now, ahead of the two big lightweight matchups, Chandler believes all the pressure is on Poirier to win come July.

“Now that they’re both 1-1, now it’s a fight that Dustin can’t lose,” Chandler explained when speaking to MMA Fighting. “He knows he passed up on the title shot in order to take this fight. So there’s going to be a ton of pressure on Dustin to win this fighr. Or else he passed up on a title shot that he might not get for a while. Taking another fight or two to get back to the title and it could be me and Conor fighting next, if Conor wins.”

Although Poirier showed off his improved skillset against McGregor, Chandler believes the Irishman will get his hand raised in the trilogy. If that happens, he knows “The Diamond” would’ve made a mistake in not taking the title shot.

“I still lean towards Conor,” Chandler said. “I think Conor still has the power in those hands, and I think you’re going to see Conor make some adjustments as we have seen, when he has taken losses, he’s always come back a better fighter. A more skilled fighter. A more prepared fighter. We’re going to see whenever that fight takes place. Either way, I’m excited to watch that one.”

Chandler no doubt has a point that there is a ton of pressure on Poirier to get his hand raised in July. However, it is hard to blame him as he will get more money and more fame if he fights and beats McGregor again.

Do you agree with Michael Chandler that Dustin Poirier can’t lose to McGregor?

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