Michael Bisping reveals how a previous motorcycle accident changed Sean Strickland’s fight style: “He got a ton of money from the accident”

By Susan Cox - February 4, 2022

During a ‘Believe You Me’ podcast, former UFC champion Michael Bisping discussed a conversation he had with Sean Strickland concerning his previous motorcycle accident and how it changed his fight style.


Sean Strickland (24-3 MMA) is scheduled to fight Jack Hermansson (22-6 MMA) this Saturday, February 5th at the UFC Vegas 47 main event.

Strickland was in a serious motorcycle accident back in 2018 and at the time the UFC welterweight advised it would be a long road back to the Octagon.

Taking to Instagram in 2018 Sean commented from his hospital bed:

“I was riding back from Kings (MMA), and I got in an accident. It wasn’t my fault, but I’ve been blacked out for a good minute. I just came to after surgery. It’s going to be a long road back, but I love fighting, so I’ll get back on the ball and make it happen. Thanks for the support.”

Sean Strickland, UFC

Sean Strickland

On a recent podcast Michael Bisping shared what ‘Tarzan’ had to tell him about the accident and how it changed how he looked at life:

“He was in a nasty motorcycle accident. Remember that. And it almost ended his career, his leg was f*cked up, he was out for a while, and probably would never fight again. 

But Sean told me, he said he probably shouldn’t talk about it but he got a ton of money from the accident thru insurance policy’s.

And the money is what changed his fighting style because if took away the stress of fighting. In the past he was so concerned about how he’s going to make it, it stressed him out.

But since getting the payment and having money in the bank, he can do what he loves, and the money is good too, and he obviously wants more of it.”

When talking about the upcoming fight on the podcast, Michael Bisping wouldn’t make a prediction as to who the victor would be, but did admit that Sean is on a roll and he’s got that going for him.

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