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Michael Bisping opens up on his recent run-in with Luke Rockhold

Michael Bisping has opened up on his recent run-in with former middleweight rival Luke Rockhold, this after the two crossed paths at the RVCA gym.

Bisping and Rockhold fought twice in the UFC and for many years their rivalry was arguably the most heated in all of mixed martial arts.

The pair first collided in November of 2014, with ‘Rocky’ emerging victorious by way of a guillotine submission. ‘The Count’ would later exact his revenge at UFC 199, this when he dethroned Luke Rockhold of the middleweight title by scoring a first round knockout.

Despite once having one of the most bitter rivalries in combat sports, boxing coach Jason Parillo recently shared a video showcasing Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold acting friendly inside the RVCA gym.

Michael Bisping

The video quickly made the rounds inside of the MMA Community, as many fans and analysts were surprised to see that Bisping and Rockhold had seemingly buried the hatchet.

Michael Bisping recently opened up on his run-in with Luke Rockhold and shared the following information.

“He’s training down there with (Jason) Parillo now at RVCA, so I still get in there now and again when I can get in, have a workout, and I was kind of half expecting him to be there one day,” Bisping told MMA Junkie. “What am I gonna do? I’m gonna walk in and be a d*ck? No, it’s water under the bridge. We shared two fights. It’s weird, you have a, I wouldn’t say bond, but you definitely shared an unforgettable experience with that person.”

Michael Bisping continued:

“I always said if I was to meet Luke under a different guise or different circumstances, we’d probably get along because he’s friends with some of people that I have a lot of respect for like Daniel Cormier. Cormier is a smart guy. He’s a good judge of character. If he likes Luke, I’m sure he can’t be that bad. So I walked in and I saw him. What are you gonna do? Are you gonna talk sh*t? I just laughed, so we shook just hands quickly, and I kidnapped his dog and put it on social media and that was that.”

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