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Marvin Vettori suggests he’s a “superior fighter”, Israel Adesanya responds with bold prediction

Marvin Vettori believes he’s a much better fighter than Israel Adesanya.

In the main event of UFC 263, Adesanya and Vettori will rematch in the same arena where they fought back in 2018 with ‘Stylebender’ winning a split decision. It was a close fight which makes the rematch intriguing and ahead of the scrap, Vettori wants it known that he is the much better fighter.

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“I have the advantage because I’m the superior fighter,” Vettori said at the UFC 263 press conference. “He doesn’t have the answer for what I bring to the table.”

After Vettori said that, Adesanya was quick to respond and shared a bold prediction as he says this fight will be similar to his bout with Paulo Costa. Of course, Adesanya had scored a second-round TKO win to defend his middleweight title over the Brazilian back at UFC 253.

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“Look at the list of who he’s fought. The only reason he’s here is that he beat the No. 10 guy,” Adesanya responded to Vettori. “I’m going to treat you like Costa.”

Israel Adesanya
Image via @ufc on Instagram (photographer not listed)

Israel Adesanya has promised the judges won’t be needed for his rematch so this shouldn’t be a surprise. However, Vettori has never been finished before so it will be easier said than done.

“I can’t for the life of me understand, or how he and another judge can give that fight to him and say ‘no, he won two of those rounds.’ What? What? Excuse me, what? Huh, nah, it doesn’t work that way,” Adesanya said about Vettori in a UFC promo video going through his Instagram. “The judges are gonna be removed from the equation this time, guarantee you, 100 percent, they are going to be removed from the equation, I’ll guarantee you that.

“He’s just literally delusional, he holds on to that loss to me better than his biggest wins of his career,” Adesanya added about Vettori in another promo video. “So I want to take that away from him and make sure there is no doubt when I take him out this time. I can’t wait to just beat the s**t out of this guy, badly.”

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Do you think Israel Adesanya will be able to finish Marvin Vettori?

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM
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This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM