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Marc Goddard sends message to “cold and cynical souls” who kick fighters when they’re down

Veteran mixed martial arts referee Marc Goddard has a message for fans who berate fighters when they’re riding tough losses.

Goddard took to Twitter to share this message over the weekend, seemingly in response to Conor McGregor’s shocking, second-round TKO loss to Dustin Poirier.

“I know that for the most part I’m throwing this out there to an uncaring social media abyss but don’t mock or berate fallen fighters,” Goddard wrote. “To the cold and cynical souls who know not a single ounce of what it takes please, don’t do that.”

Goddard then elaborated in a follow-up Tweet, explaining how his own close encounters with fighters in the cage have shaped his opinions on the matter.

“Re my last tweet, this isn’t aimed at any specific fighter but it’s obviously amplified this weekend,” Goddard wrote. “I’ve put my arm around and consoled many a broken man/woman post-fight who at that time believe their world to collapse. Take it from me their words and cries can haunt. Thank you.”

Goddard then made his final comment on the matter, responding to a fan who asked if even controversial fighters like Colby Covington deserve respect after a tough setback.

“Fighting is too personal to me,” Goddard wrote. “Each & every time a fighter steps in the cage a piece of them remains behind on that canvas. For the past 21 years I’ve watched human beings emerge a different soul. I don’t ever kick when you’re down. So no, not even Colby. Class is permanent.”

Marc Goddard has been an MMA referee for years, and has become a fixture of the biggest events in the world. He’s widely regarded as one of the sport’s most reliable officials.

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