Kevin Lee “less embarrassed” now after being suspended for Adderall

Kevin Lee, UFC Rochester
Image: @ufc on Instagram

UFC welterweight contender Kevin Lee admitted that he is “less embarrassed” now after being suspended for using Adderall.

Lee recently revealed that he had failed his post-fight drug test following his fight this summer against Daniel Rodriguez. The reason he failed was due to testing positive for Adderall without having a therapeutic use exemption. The Nevada Athletic Commission then flagged Lee and he is currently in the process of figuring out the length of his suspension. But while Lee is still overall embarrassed by how the whole situation has played out, there is one thing that is making him feel better, and that’s seeing fans reaching out to him and actually giving him support rather than kicking him down.

Speaking to’s The MMA Hour in a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Lee admitted his embarrassment over the whole situation, but also revealed that he is now feeling like he can just move on from the initial shock of it all.

“It was definitely embarrassing. I still am just a little bit, but it was more so embarrassing to tell people what’s actually wrong with me, you know? But since I came out with it last week, I felt a little bit better. The reception to it has been better than I expected,” Lee said. “I was expecting more people to kick me while I was down, but I’ve had a whole lot of people that I actually respect that have reached out to me and said that they deal with the same issues. I think that it just doesn’t get talked about a lot. So it was a little embarrassing for me to talk about it, but I’m less embarrassed than the actual issue itself these days.”

What do you think should be next for Kevin Lee once he returns from his suspension for Adderall use?

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