Kevin Lee interested in $100k grappling match against Dillon Danis

Kevin Lee, Bernie Sanders, Charles Oliveira, UFC Brasilia
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Kevin Lee is interested in grappling Dillon Danis, and he wants $100,000 on the line.

Danis has called out Lee in the past and “The Motown Phenom” is interested in making it happen this summer. But, he knows if it doesn’t happen this year, it can happen anytime as it is a match everyone will want to see.

“When the options run out, he’s the ace in the bag. He’s still been here and still been watching me. I may go and make that happen, that’d be easy money,” Lee said to ESPN MMA on Instagram Live. “I want to get more offensive with my jiu-jitsu as well so I might throw up some leglocks.”

If they do go ahead and do the grappling match, Kevin Lee makes it clear it is for $100 thousand. He also wants it to be their money, not sponsorship money that pays for it.

“Hopefully he still has the money in the bank, hopefully, he’s still on Conor’s payroll or something, you know Conor’s still being generous with him. I’ve been had mine, mines stashed away,” Kevin Lee said. “I took that out in cash just for a rainy day, just for when I get bored. We’ll see, this summer it’ll be one. I might do it this summer, once I get bored enough, I might do it.

“I thought it was 100gs, it’s 100gs. I’m motivated by money, that is the only way you get me off this couch. So, it is 100gs and it is 100gs of my money or his. When he approached me with it he said we will have someone sponsor it,” he continued. “Like no, it is coming straight from the source. I want his money, I want to spend his money when I go to the store, I don’t want to spend anybody else’s. I want to see his deposit slip and I want to see where he pulled it from. That is the only way I will get up for it. Yeah, I want to spend his money. Like I said we might make that happen, I’ll wait until I get bored enough.”

Whether or not Kevin Lee and Dillon Danis will actually grappler one another for $100k is up in the air. But, it will no doubt be a very interesting match and one many fans would like to see.

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This article first appeared on on 3/25/2020.

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