Justin Buchholz says men are better at fighting than women, gets roasted by Leslie Smith

By Adam D Martin - October 20, 2019

Former UFC lightweight and former Team Alpha Male coach Justin Buchholz was roasted on social media by Bellator women’s featherweight Leslie Smith for his comments on women’s MMA.

Leslie Smith

Buchholz wrote the controversial comments about WMMA and immediately received backlash from Smith and several other women’s fighters. Check out his comments and the replies to it from Smith below.

Can we all agree that men are better at FIGHTING than women.

To which Leslie Smith responded:

Hi @JustinBuchholz I’m writing a paper tonight for a class and I wonder if you would be willing to give me a couple of quotes I can use about how prevalent cultural beliefs like this are.”

They continued.

“I was hoping to ask you more questions but since you’d rather make a spectacle out of the conversation I guess I’m cool. Thanks for responding, kind of”

Leslie Smith then roasted Justin Buchholz’s MMA career.

“Judging by my career compared to yours I’d say you’re wrong”

Justin Buchholz then challenged Leslie Smith to a fight. Smith declined, citing the following reasons why she wouldn’t fight him.

“No thanks, 1) I fight for money 2) I’d rather not touch you 3) challenging women is the only thing that makes you look dumber than challenging women’s fighting ability 5) you weigh more than me 6)I still have a fight career to focus on I’m done, have a good night.”

Buchholz’s original comments were in response to the recent appeal by UFC bantamweight Aspen Ladd that she felt like referee Herb Dean was discriminatory when he stopped her fight at UFC Sacramento against Germain de Randamie early. The accusations drew criticism from the MMA community, who didn’t see that stoppage the same way Ladd did.

As for Justin Buchholz and Leslie Smith, don’t think this feud ends here. It’s likely they will continue to chirp at each other going forward.

What do you think about Justin Buchholz’s controversial comments?


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