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Josh Thomson and John McCarthy weigh in on Jorge Masvidal’s alleged attack on Colby Covington

Josh Thomson shared his thoughts with John McCarthy concerning Jorge Masvidal’s alleged attack on Colby Covington on Monday night, March 21st.

It was Masvidal, waiting outside a Miami Beach restaurant, Papi Steak, who is said to have attacked Covington, leaving him with a lacerated wrist and fractured tooth.

Josh Thomson (22-9 MMA), who retired from MMA in January 2020, shared his thoughts with former referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy on their ‘Weighing In’ podcast having this to say:

“I know that Jorge has come up a different way from a lot of other people. Maybe that has a lot to do with it. But in this situation I don’t agree with what he did. Because there is a chance he may get slapped with some time for this.”

Masvidal is in fact facing a charge of felony battery, which could land him in prison for up to five years.

Continuing Thomson added this incident could have been much worse (h/t Sportskeeda):

“It’s just dangerous. If he knocked [Covington] out cold and he hit his head on the concrete and died or anything like that, split his head open, you’d be looking at something that’s just not worth it. You think your kids would care more that you beat up someone who said something bad about them, or do they care that they want their dad around? You gotta start weighing those things out.”

It was Colby Covington (17-3 MMA) who defeated Jorge Masvidal (35-16 MMA) on March 5th at UFC 272. Just over two weeks later Masvidal takes the fight outside the cage and onto the streets of Miami.

Do you agree with Josh Thomson that the situation could have escalated? Do you believe Masvidal should face jail time for the incident, or did Colby Covington get what was coming to him?

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