Jon Jones says he “definitely won’t be going back” to Team Jackson-Wink after recent ban from gym

By Adam Martin - November 7, 2021

Former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones says he “definitely won’t be going back” to Team Jackson-Wink after his recent ban from the gym.

Mike Winkeljohn, Jon Jones

Jones was involved in a domestic battery incident in Las Vegas in September, and last month, his former coach Mike Winkeljohn admitted that he kicked Jones out of the gym. The reason Winkeljohn gave Jones the boot from his longtime gym is twofold. One, because Winkeljohn is a husband and father of daughters himself and he felt conflicted continuing to train Jones while the domestic issue is looming over him. And two, Jones’ issues with alcohol. Jones has admitted that he has a problem with alcohol, and Winkeljohn wants him to get the help he needed before coming back to the gym.

While it appeared initially that the team and Jones could figure out a way to have him get the help he needs and eventually re-join the camp, it appears as though Jones has no interest in working things out. Taking to his social media on Saturday night following UFC 268, Jones admitted he is done with Team Jackson-Wink and is looking for a new gym.

Jones: I don’t feel like I carried the team, we have lots of guys doing amazing things out of that gym. I will admit the program isn’t at the level it used to be, and hasn’t been for a while now

Jones: definitely won’t be going back but I will continue to root for all the fighters that are training there. I do believe my training methods and sessions have improved significantly since changing environments. Grateful for all the time I got to spend there, everything has its time.

I know I won’t be able to train in my garage forever, eventually I’m going to need more training partners. Mainly wrestling partners and kickboxers. I’m on the lookout for teams that I’ll be able to visit and come train with, maybe get some sparring sessions in.

What team do you think Jon Jones should join if he doesn’t go back to Team Jackson-Wink, or should he create a private camp?


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