Joe Rogan reveals his four stars from UFC 239

Joe Rogan

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has revealed his four stars for their outstanding performances on Saturday night’s epic UFC 239 card.

Rogan’s four stars were the following, and he explained his reasoning for select them on ESPN.

Jon Jones: “Jon Jones fought a very game and dangerous challenger in Thiago Santos. He was tested. He lost on one judges’ scorecard which was the first time in his championship reign. He prevailed and showed why he’s the most dominant light heavyweight in history. I think it will be a learning experience for him. He will be back better than ever.”

Amanda Nunes: “She cemented her position as the greatest female MMA fighter of all time by knocking out former champion Holly Holm with her preferred technique of a head kick. It was an amazing performance and an amazing display of dominance by the greatest female MMA fighter of all time.”

Jorge Masvidal: “We always wondered who would be the first man to defeat Ben Askren. Jorge Masvidal proved to be that man tonight and did so with a world record fastest KO of five seconds. It was only five seconds because it took the referee a few seconds to get to him. The fight was over in a second-and-a-half. An amazing, stunning, flying knee performance.”

Edmen Shahbazyan: “The rising star of the night to me is Edmen Shahbazyan. That kid is for real. We knew that Jack Marshman was a tough veteran, a grizzled fighter with a ton of experience. But Shahbazyan ran through him. This 21-year-old undefeated kid is a real prospect and an absolute future superstar. I can’t wait to see him rise through the ranks and fight more and more difficult challenges.”

There were numerous standout performances at UFC 239 so it wasn’t easy to pick just four, but on the whole it looks like Rogan made some solid picks.

Who would be your picks for the four stars from UFC 239?

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