Jake Paul would “beat the sh*t out of” Conor McGregor, says Ali Abdelaziz

Jake Paul, Ben Askren
Image via @JakePaul on Instagram (photographer not listed)

MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz believes YouTube star Jake Paul would “beat the sh*t” out of Conor McGregor if they met in the boxing ring.

Paul has been the talk of the combat sports world since he knocked out former NBA star Nate Robinson in a boxing match late last year. Since that win, he’s kept his name in the headlines by calling out a number of MMA stars, most notably, McGregor.

McGregor has yet to even acknowledge these callouts from Paul, and Abdelaziz, who manages the Irishman’s chief rival Khabib Nurmagomedov, believes that’s for the best.

Speaking to TMZ he shared his belief that Paul would “beat the sh*t” out of McGregor if they ever met in a fight.

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“Jake Paul, I like this kid,” Abdelaziz told TMZ (via Essentially Sports). “You know why? Because he is real. When he talked about Conor’s wife, [Paul] said [McGregor] talked about Khabib’s wife. I like Jake Paul. I think he’ll beat the s**t out of Conor, his teammates, all these guys.

“I like his brother [Logan] too,” Abdelaziz added. “They make something from nothing. Even Mike Tyson likes these kids. Mike is my friend.”

Abdelaziz is referencing a fiery callout Paul recently directed at McGregor, which also targeted the Irishman’s long-time partner, Dee Devlin.

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“What the f**k is up you Irish c**t,” Paul said in a video posted to Twitter. “Good morning, Conor McGregor. I know you are probably beating up old dudes in a bar right now or maybe you are jacking off because you are sick of f*****g your wife right now because she is a 4. Conor you could do a lot better. But, happy Monday. My team sent you a 50 million dollar offer this morning, 50 million dollars cash, proof of funds, the biggest fight of offer you’ve ever been offered, but you are scared to fight me, you are ducking me because you don’t want to lose to a f*****g YouTuber.

“You are a 0-1 as a boxer, I’m 2-0 as a boxer,” Paul added. “I just came off the eighth biggest pay-per-view event in history, but you want to fight Dustin Prober (Poirier) who has less followers than on Instagram than my f*****g dog, that’s a fact.

“Dana White, you are a f*****g p***y too. You ugly f*****g bald bitch,” Paul continued. “You say there is a zero percent chance of this fight happening but there is a zero percent chance of you getting some f*****g p***y. Conor, you are scared. Dana, you are scared. Sign the f*****g contract you idiots, Jesus f*****g christ. Irish b***h.”

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What do you think Ali Abdelaziz’s about Jake Paul and Conor McGregor?

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