Greg Hardy confident he will knock out Francis Ngannou & Stipe Miocic down the line

Greg Hardy
Image: @ufc on Instagram

Greg Hardy is set for his fourth UFC fight and fourth bout of 2019 at UFC Boston. There, the former NFL star will be taking on promotional newcomer, Ben Sosoli.

Although it is not a ranked opponent like Greg Hardy has wanted, he knows that time will come. For now, he is focusing on paying his dues and fighting the ‘middle class’ of the UFC like every other person before getting to the top. But, when he gets to the top, he expects to knock those top ranked opponents out.

“My whole point and objective in this takeover, so we’ll call it is to earn it. Show you that I am meant to be here. Show that I didn’t take it and it is not a CM Punk. I earned it, paid every single due,” Greg Hardy said at media day before UFC Boston. “Went through the circuit as an amateur, I fought my way up on the Contender Series like everyone else has, too. I’ve defended my position as a UFC fighter like everybody else does with regular opponents. Because who the hell walks in and fights Derrick Lewis? You know what I mean.

“Now that I am clashing with the middle class of the UFC, I’m starting to develop. When it comes to the point where I can handle myself in the ring, be professional and put on a show, that is when we will go the top and it is not going to stop,” he continued. “It is going to be the same skill as this, every two months. I’m going to knock out Derrick [Lewis], knock out [Francis] Ngannou, knock out Stipe [Miocic], I might submit somebody, you don’t know. You get my point. It is not going to stop.”

Many fans have called for a Derrick Lewis vs. Greg Hardy fight, and the more the NFL star wins, the closer it is to happening. But, if it does, he is certain he will be knocking out ‘The Black Beast.’ Following that, his eyes are set on winning the UFC heavyweight title and showing just how good he is.

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This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 10/16/2019. 

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM