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Francis Ngannou reacts to Jon Jones changing tune on his negotiations with the UFC: “I think we all know that Jon Jones has multiple personalities”

Francis Ngannou has responded to Jon Jones changing his tune about his contract negotiations with the UFC.

The hope for the UFC was to make a fight between Ngannou and Jones, but it did not come to fruition, as the heavyweight champ was firm in his negotiations and demands. With that, the UFC opted to release Ngannou and made Jones vs. Gane for the vacant heavyweight title.

When that happened, Jones originally backed Ngannou for standing up against the UFC but recently ‘Bones’ has changed his tune, saying Ngannou left because he doesn’t believe in himself, which doesn’t surprise the former champ.

“Personally, I don’t have any problem with Jon Jones,” Ngannou told MMA Junkie. “I think we all know that Jon Jones has multiple personalities, and sometimes it’s even hard for him to figure out who he really is – and I don’t have nothing to do with that… I think in this fight we could have been on the same side, instead of like fighting against each other, which is exactly what the system wants. You know, to divide the most, to conquer. So, I’m not really into that game. I see clearly what’s happening, I understand very well what’s happening, and I wish them all the best, you know?”

Although Francis Ngannou isn’t surprised by Jon Jones changing his tune, he is disappointed in ‘Bones’. However, he says he doesn’t care to focus on that or the drama, and instead is focused on securing a boxing match this summer.

“I’m happy I got what I wanted,” Ngannou said. “Hopefully, they get what they want. Hopefully, he’ll end up at peace with whatever he has that changed his mind, but I’m good, man. I don’t have the time to spend on drama. I just have a beautiful future ahead of me and I’m going to be focused on that and be grateful for what life has offered me.”

What do you make of Francis Ngannou’s comments on Jon Jones?

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