Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes reveals what led to horrific train accident

By Christopher Taylor - May 26, 2021

Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes has opened up on the horrific train accident that left him clinging to life in a medically induced coma.

Matt Hughes

On June 16, 2017, Hughes sustained severe head injuries after a train collided with his truck at a rail crossing close to his residence.

Hughes was air-lifted to a local hospital where he was forced to spend 19 days in a medically induced coma. Shortly after he woke up, Matt Hughes was made aware of the extent of his injuries which included both progressive and permanent damage to his brain and body.

“Pissed me off I didn’t put ChapStick on for 19 days,” Hughes joked on the latest episode of ‘Legend 2 Legend‘ with Burt Watson. “I had the worst brain injury possible.”

Matt Hughes

The UFC Hall of Famer, Matt Hughes (45-9 MMA), was forced to start all over including re-learning to walk and talk. Now having made massive strides in his ongoing recovery the 47-year-old has opened up on what exactly transpired the day of June 16, 2017.

“No real physical injuries (anymore). My left leg doesn’t work quite like it should but I can deal with that. Therapy is really helping me with that. But my injury was in my brain. I had the worst brain injury possible. Some people say that I was messed up before the train but my brain took the big hit. The train was only going about 39 miles an hour but I think it was carrying like 60 tons of coal so it wasn’t going to slow down with that load.”

Burt Watson then asked how Matt Hughes was not able to see the train coming.

“The track is so bad, when you turn to the right it is at such an angle that all you can see is the passenger head rest when looking for the tracks. So it is really bad and the track is so narrow that you really don’t look to the side. You’re just worried that some car is going to come across at you. It is a country crossing so there is no cross-arms or anything like that.”

Here’s hoping that UFC legend Matt Hughes can continue on his miraculous road of recovery.


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