Dustin Poirier won’t wait for Conor McGregor but not ruling out a fourth fight: “If it makes sense, we’ll do it again”

Dustin Poirier, Conor McGregor, Joe Rogan
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Dustin Poirier wouldn’t be surprised if he faces Conor McGregor again.

At UFC 264 in July, Poirier and McGregor had their highly-anticipated trilogy and Poirier won the fight after the Irishman broke his leg at the end of the first round. It was a disappointing ending and for Poirier, he says the second fight back at UFC 257 was much better for him as it was a definitive ending.

“The rematch, obviously, I knocked him out, so there’s an ending to the fight,” Poirier said on The MMA Hour. “The [third fight], his leg breaks, so you don’t get that same feel. It’s a win on my record for sure, and I was winning, but the second fight, I put him away. The third fight, I don’t know what to say with that. That feeling, especially with the media or fans, people say, ‘You didn’t beat him.’ The second time I got that, ‘You beat him.’”

Since the fight, many have said a fourth fight will eventually happen. Although four fights between two opponents are super rare, Poirier admits it is something he thinks will happen if it makes sense.

“We’ll see what happens,” Poirier said. “I’m not sitting back waiting to fight him a fourth time. If it makes sense and it comes about, we’ll do it again. I’m just training and living my life. My daughter just started her first day of school today. I’m having fun trying to continue to grow as a martial artist. I’m not committing to anything. I haven’t spoken to the UFC about the title fight or their timeline. I haven’t been reached out [to] by the company. Anything’s possible, but we’ll go with what makes the most sense.”

In order for Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor to even have a fourth fight, the Irishman will have to rehab his leg. Poirier admits the road to recovery will be long, but he isn’t ruling out McGregor coming back better than ever.

“The road he’s going to have to recover that leg is going to be long,” Poirier concluded. “But when you’re committed to things, and you bust your ass, maybe he can. Time will tell.”

Do you think we will see Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor 4?

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