Dillon Danis reportedly removed from UFC 268 after being slapped by Ali Abdelaziz

Dillon Danis
Image: @dillondanis on Instagram

Bellator fighter Dillon Danis was reportedly removed from Saturday’s UFC 268 event after being slapped by MMA manager Ali Abdelaziz.

According to MMAjunkie.com’s John Morgan, Danis and Abdelaziz met backstage at UFC 268, and apparently, Abdelaziz slapped Danis in the face, which was seen by several witnesses. However, even though it was Danis who was the one who was reportedly slapped in the face, it was actually Danis who was the one who was removed from the arena. Abdelaziz also declined to comment on what exactly happened between them.

Ali Abdelaziz slapped Dillon Danis backstage tonight at #UFC268 according to multiple people who witnessed the incident. Danis was then apparently removed from the building. Reached out to @AliAbdelaziz00 , but he declined to comment.

It’s unknown exactly what led to Danis being removed from Madison Square Garden, and it seems strange that he was the one who was taken out of the building when he was the one who got slapped. Then again, Abdelaziz holds a lot of importance in the sport as he is the manager for several fighters, including UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman and lightweight stud Justin Gaethje. So perhaps it was a situation where he holds more clout with the UFC and its staff and that’s why he was the one who got to stay instead.

We will see what happens between Abdelaziz and Danis going forward, as it seems unlikely their feud is done following this slapping incident. If anything, expect both men to continue to bring this up in interviews going forward in an effort to drum up interest in Danis against one of Abdelaziz’s clients, or, as crazy as it sounds, against Abdelaziz.

Do you want to see Ali Abdelaziz and Dillon Danis step into the Octagon one day and settle their differences with their fists?

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