David Branch issues deep statement on cancelled ‘Jacare’ fight, new matchup with Jared Cannonier

By Tom Taylor - October 21, 2018

Former World Series of Fighting middleweight and light heavyweight champ David Branch campaigned long and hard for a fight with former Strikeforce middleweight champion Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza. While Souza didn’t initially take the bait, the Brazilian grappling ace ultimately agreed to meet Branch in the cage at UFC 230 on November 3 in New York. At long last, David Branch had received the opportunity he’d been chasing.

David Branch

Unfortunately for him, this UFC 230 scrap with Jacare was not meant to be. Just weeks ahead of the event, Luke Rockhold was forced out of his co-main event rematch with Chris Weidman. Jacare was then summoned from his bout with Branch and assigned as Weidman’s new opponent. Branch, who is riding high on an impressive KO of Thiago Santos, was then given a new opponent in former light heavyweight and heavyweight Jared Cannonier.

While David Branch is understandably disappointed that his long-desired fight with Jacare is off, he seems to be taking this unfortunate twist of fate in stride. The former WSOF champ issued a lengthy statement on the shakeup on Instagram on Saturday, explaining that he thrives amid factors like chaos and dysfunction.


“There is a ton of things people don’t know about me, I try to stay positive and be a motivation. At least what I present to the world, I’m not a super emotional person most of that has been ripped away from my soul long ago. My children like everyone’s children have been my center, my peace. But even they have been dangled like a carrot in front of me only for me to pursue them facing extreme difficulty and unpleasantness even when I do get chances with them. I’m not hear looking for sympathy from no one or to play the fucking violin. But I wouldn’t wish my troubles on a dog. I’ve done a lot of FUCKED up shit in my life, it was all me that did it, with these things I can’t twist it and I except that. As bad as it may seem it’s not as bad as the person that just got a screwdriver plunged in his fucking ear or the little kid that just got there fucking legs blown off thinking they were just gonna go outside and play. Destiny is my wife and Karma is my mistress. When things get hard it takes a while but I smile and remember Dysfunction Chaos and Confusion is my home this is where I live, I am the fucking landlord of this house and the owner of the property. I am a gladiator by choice and I wouldn’t change it for anyone I will live this chapter of my life to the fullest. I was born for this shit my shoulders are broad enough to carry the weight. #UFC230 The chaos dimension makes sense to me I understand it I thrive in it I was molded by it.” – David Branch on Instagram.

Do you think we’ll ever see David Branch battle Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza as initially planned?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 10/21/2018.


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