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Daniel Cormier vents after two of the UFC Vegas 51 fights end in technical decisions: “They should have been disqualified”

Daniel Cormier has weighed in on UFC Vegas 51 this past weekend and isn’t on board with two of the fights ending in technical decisions.

The first took place during the preliminary undercard where Martin Buday (10-1 MMA) hit Chris Barnett (22-8 MMA) with a downward elbow to the neck in the third round. After a doctor ruling that Barnett was unable to continue the referee declared the strike unintentional, sending the bout to the judges. The fight was awarded to Buday 30-27 x3.

The second took place in the third round of the co-main event, where Caio Borralho (12-1 MMA) kneed Gadzhi Omargadzhiev (13-1 MMA) in the head. While the doctor didn’t stop the fight, it was waved off. The referee determined the blow to be unintentional and the judges rendered a 29-27 x3 win for Borralho.

Daniel Cormier who was commentating the fights was visibly upset and took to ‘Twitter‘ to express his thoughts:

“No knock on Caio or Martin but every single time I threw a strike in the octagon it was intentional. They both should have been disqualified!”

Chris Barnett, UFC Vegas 51, Martin Buday

Continuing Daniel Cormier said:

“So win 2 rounds, throw unintentional illegal strike and then hope they guy can’t continue. So that y’all go to judges right then. S—t you don’t run the risk of losing.”

Cormier, former two-division UFC champion who retired from fighting back in 2020, has gone on to be a successful analyst and commentator for the UFC.

Following UFC Vegas 51, several other fighters took to ‘Twitter’ to agree with Cormier that in those two fights the rulings concerning the strike and the knee should have been ‘intentional’ not unintentional.

Did you watch those match-ups? Do you agree disqualifications should have been handed out as suggested by Daniel Cormier?

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