Dana White says he would have “f*cked up” Tito Ortiz in boxing match

Dana White, UFC 232, UFC 235

UFC president Dana White says he planned on boxing Tito Ortiz and claims he would have “f*cked up” the former UFC light heavyweight champion if they fought.

White was interviewed recently by Barstool Sports and was asked about the long-rumored boxing match between White and Ortiz. The UFC president gave his side of the story.

“I knew (I would win), and so did he. That’s why it didn’t happen,” Dana White said. “Tito Ortiz was doing a new deal with us. Tito and I hated each other so bad that Lorenzo Fertitta did this deal. Tito never had great hands. He had been working on his boxing with Fernando Vargas. He started to feel like his hands were getting in a good place and we hated each other. He told Lorenzo the last thing he wanted in his deal was a three round boxing match with me. Three three-minute rounds. I told Lorenzo yes, sign the deal.”

White said that he had previously sparred with Ortiz and got the better of him in training.

“This wasn’t going to be the first time Tito and I boxed. As it started to get closer and I was training — at the time I was sparring with heavyweight pro boxers who were ranked in the top-10 to get ready for that fight — I was in ridiculous shape and I was ready. I was going to whoop his ass in front of everybody,” Dana White said.

The UFC president then said that he would have lost an MMA fight to Ortiz. But he’s confident he would have beat him in boxing.

“Let me make this very clear. If this was an MMA match, Tito would murder me. Like it would be the most horrific beating you’ve ever f*ckng seen in your life. He would double leg me and smash me against the fence. Tito would literally put his f*cking elbows through my skull.

“In a boxing match, I was going to f*ck him up and make him look stupid. He knows that, and that’s why that match never happened.”

Ortiz is still competing in MMA, and even plans on fighting Alberto Del Rio in Combates America despite being in his mid 40s. White, however, says that the shipped has sailed on him every stepping in the ring with Ortiz for a boxing match.

“I’m too f*cking old for that now,” White said.

Who do you think would win a boxing match between Dana White and Tito Ortiz?

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