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Dana White announces fans will be able to bet on Power Slap matches starting at the live event in March

Dana White has announced that starting in March, fans will be able to bet on events and fights from the Power Slap league.

While it may be pulling in big numbers, Power Slap is still a source of great controversy in the world of combat sports. UFC president Dana White continues to push ahead with it, giving the show the kind of promotion that a lot of UFC events can only dream of.

Still, as we’ve come to learn about ‘Uncle Dana’, he doesn’t really care what a whole lot of other people think. In fact, he’ll sometimes go out of his way to frustrate critics who battle back against him.

It’s been well documented that betting has been something the UFC has implemented more in recent years, although the recent James Krause scandal does appear to have set them back a bit.

Now, White is going to focus his attention on getting slap fighting involved in the betting realm.

“You can now bet on Power Slap, too. Not right now on the show, but when we do the live event in March. You’ll be able to bet on that.”

Dana White’s weird flex

“Yes I’m driving and live [videoing]. I know some of you guys will be f***ing crying about that, ‘uh he’s driving and he’s live and he doesn’t have a seatbelt on either’. F***ing boo-hoo, get over it.”

We’re not entirely sure why a grown man feels the need to mock people on his Instagram live, especially when they’re making a pretty good point. Alas, this is Dana we’re talking about here, and he rarely plays by the rules.

Will you opt to bet on Power Slap events when it becomes available next month? Do you enjoy the product? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, BJPENN Nation!

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