Conor McGregor unloads on “Grade A Jackass” Justin Gaethje following his loss at UFC 274: “A bird brain with a bird brain manager”

Conor McGregor, Justin Gaethje, Eddie Alvarez
Image via Daily Express / Sportsnet

Conor McGregor unloaded on Justin Gaethje last night following the latter’s submission defeat at UFC 274.

In recent years we’ve come to accept that nobody does social media in mixed martial arts quite like Conor McGregor. ‘The Notorious’ often takes to Twitter and goes on bizarre and entertaining rants, regularly directed at some of his rivals in the UFC. Sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes we’re all left scratching our heads.

This past weekend McGregor was particularly active in the wake of UFC 274, especially after Charles Oliveira’s impressive triumph over Justin Gaethje in the main event.

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“Gaethje is a jackass. The amount of absolute dribble he speaks as well. Over and over. A Grade A jackass! A bird brain with a bird brain manager. Two bum twats they are. He is. A Jackass. Stevo Ocrack head in recovery should see can Johnny give him a part” said McGregor.

Gaethje was pretty vocal in the lead-up to this contest and made it known that he’s open to any and all fights that come his way.

There’s every chance we see McGregor go up against him in his return bout but in equal measure, it also wouldn’t be at all surprising to see the Irishman go in a different direction.

What would happen if Conor McGregor battled Justin Gaethje?

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